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Mercanis Becomes 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendor™ in Sourcing and Procurement Technology.

"Mercanis uses a combination of process automation and predictive analytics to run sourcing holistically and accelerate and automate the entire sourcing process."
- Gartner® Cool Vendors™ Report

Unlock the Full Potential of your
Suppliers & Service Providers

Energize collaboration across your company, while digitizing your sourcing process end-to-end. Mercanis enables you to leverage smart data and frees up your time through process automation.

One Solution for
Your Whole Organization


Have all your suppliers in a single repository, use flexible workflows, enable compliance through predefined questionnaires and drive efficiency with automated pricing analyses in comparisons of suppliers and service providers.
All this, with time to guide departments.


Drive your decisions based on data-driven insights and lead through transparency. Benefit from a single point of truth for your supply base across your company or holding group. Leverage learnings and experiences, while keeping track of sourcing through a digital audit trail.


Mercanis makes it easy for departments to adhere to predefined procurement guidelines. Leverage ratings, use pricing sheets and questionnaire templates while benefitting from a single point of truth, collaborating seamlessly and executing projects faster to focus on what you do best.

What Experts Say

Driving savings through automation and process efficiency

"In my opinion, the procurement industry has only perceived a fraction of its digitization potential at this point in time. Yet automation and process efficiency in procurement can lead to significant savings and increased profits."

Dr. Marcell Vollmer
CEO Prospitalia Group
former COO Ariba & CPO SAP

Lack of digitization within the procurement of services

"After spending more than three decades as senior executive in procurement and supply chain for major corporations I clearly have to say that the lack of digitization within the procurement of services is one of the biggest shortcomings to leverage substantial additional savings."

Dr. Ulrich Piepel
Senior Advisor Ariba & BCG,
former CPO RWE

Join the New Movement
of Sourcing Products and Services


Leverage your past experience with your suppliers and Mercanis’ AI to immediately find the right supplier for your sourcing event.


Stop comparing apples with pears as Mercanis makes sure that all your suppliers make comparable offers.


Choose the right supplier or service provider at the right time and benefit from best-in-class quality and performance.

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