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“The Mercanis software saves my team about as much time (38-41%) as a full-time employee with 5 years of industry experience. In addition, procurement has become simple and can now be done by anyone.”
Paul Ruks, Strategic Buyer at weinor
"The simplicity of Mercanis has enabled us to integrate our stakeholders into the tendering process by using the platform as a self-service solution for smaller tendering projects. It further has allowed us to take the procurement function in a more strategic direction without adding complexity for category experts."
Sven Novak, Director Global Indirect Procurement at Amer Sports Corporation
“Mercanis is the competent and flexible partner we wanted for the digitalisation of our procurement processes. Accompanied by a fast and reliable customer success team, we were able to automate our sourcing processes and administrative tasks, such as internal supplier rating.”
Marcel Schröder, Head of Strategic Purchasing Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
“Mercanis promotes synergies between several plants in different regions of the world. Through its intuitiveness, ease of use and quick set-up, Mercanis was rolled out across multiple sites within 2 months." 
Erik Esly, Director of Procurement Europe at Linde
Scaling procurement excellence through our AI-powered platform solutions
Simplify and automate your procurement procedures and processes
Design the strategic sourcing and RFP process for your success. Redesign your interactions with suppliers, overcome internal departmental barriers, and enable your business users to easily coordinate purchasing actions across your operations.
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Effective supplier identification, assessmentand management
From now on, handling and controlling your suppliers will be simple and clearly structured. Eliminate chaotic forms and messy file archives. From now on, organize all relevant information and agreements centrally in one place together with your suppliers and employees.
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