Enabling a fair and
fully-inclusive business ecosystem

Our Vision

We will revolutionise how organisations manage their resources and identify savings, while they elect the best possible service providers using network effects and leveraging data driven intelligence.

Our Mission

We are disrupting how companies collaborate with their service providers, whilst increasing transparency in the selection process. We do so by leveraging millions of data points to find the best provider for you at the right time.

Our Core Values


We’re guided by the passion to digitize service procurement and deliver efficiency gains for our users.


We take ownership for our project and the over-arching goal of creating a fairer and more inclusive professional services market.


We can’t stand still. At Mercanis we strive for continuous growth, learn from everything that we do and aim for perpetual advancement.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. At Mercanis we attribute great importance to teamwork and cherish the success together.

Our promise to customers

Mercanis delivers the most innovative offering when it comes to service purchasing. With Mercanis you enjoy a streamlined, hassle-free procurement journey spanning end-to-end from supplier selection to collaborative delivery management. We at Mercanis believe that our fresh outside perspective combined with high marketplace liquidity becomes your benefit. We believe that our technology gives you the competitive advantage in procurement you have been looking for.