Spend analysis

Discover how our spend analytics module transforms your procurement processes, providing your organization with fresh perspectives to uncover savings, drive innovative revenue streams, and enhance your supply base through capabilities beyond categories.

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Limitless potential for value creation

Optimise your business with dynamic visualisation dashboards: Gain meaningful insights with our pre-configured and modern dashboards tailored to real customer needs! Effortlessly navigate through headline views and filter options. Experience the magic of tracking across multiple dimensions and times, while putting an end to unconventional maverick spend.

Discover limitless value creation: Unleash the true potential of your business by identifying value creation opportunities at lightning speed! Streamline categories, minimize non-compliant spend, lower unit prices and consolidate suppliers seamlessly. Encourage collaboration between business units and see your success reach new heights!

Unified spend data

Streamline your spend data: Experience a revolutionary approach to spend management. Our dynamic solution empowers you to consolidate, refine, and supercharge all your spend data effortlessly. Seamlessly process, transform, validate, and enhance multiple data sources with the help of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. Say goodbye to manual adjustments as automation takes the lead.

Unleash the power of complete spend management:  Uncover the full potential of your spend data with unparalleled visibility into every dollar's journey. Unlock invaluable insights from multiple perspectives, revealing a wealth of untapped information and value such as the specific skills and capabilities of each supplier. Equip your analysts with swift access to game-changing data insights, empower managers to track and optimize crucial KPIs, and provide executives with KPI-focused overviews to drive strategic decision-making. 

No more outdated reports

Elevate your custom data efficiency: Stay ahead with streamlined data, delivering timely updates to your spend data. Empower users to build their own advanced custom report and enable them to gain full visibility into their specific business challenges. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures robust data management with the ability to configure your custom reports. Stay up-to-date with regular releases of fresh reports on our dynamic dashboards.

Reliability redefined, unleash procurement power: Take control of your procurement destiny without relying on IT. Unlock a wealth of new reports and metrics, supported by repeatable processes for effortless report updates. Empower your procurement team with the tools they need to make strategic decisions and drive success.

Simple spend analysis is for

Fast value, no intregration needed
Fast track to ROI
Dive into your supplier capabilities  
Full spend visibility  
Accurate spend insights
Cost-saving opportunities identified
Up-to-date reports around the clock
Insights beyond categories

"The simplicity of Mercanis has enabled us to integrate our stakeholders into the tendering process by using the platform as a self-service solution for smaller tendering projects. It further has allowed us to take the procurement function in a more strategic direction without adding complexity for category experts."

Sven Novak, Director Global Indirect Procurement at Amer Sports Corporation
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“The Mercanis software saves my team about as much time (38-41%) as a full-time employee with 5 years of industry experience. In addition, procurement has  become simple and can now be done by anyone.”

Paul Ruks, Strategic Buyer at weinor
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“Mercanis promotes synergies between several plants in different regions of the world. Through its intuitiveness, ease of use and quick set-up, Mercanis was rolled out across multiple sites within 2 months."

Erik Esly, Director of Procurement Europe at Linde

“Mercanis is the competent and flexible partner we wanted for the digitalisation of our procurement processes. Accompanied by a fast and reliable customer success team, we were able to automate our sourcing processes and administrative tasks, such as internal supplier rating.”

Marcel Schröder, Head of Strategic Purchasing Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
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