Unlock value and transparency in strategic sourcing and all Rfx events

Revolutionize your workflows with suppliers, elevate strategic sourcing and empower business users to orchestrate procurement activities across the enterprise with ease.

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Achieve up to 39% process savings on average
Processes are noticeably streamlined through automated workflows and the avoidance of time-consuming activities.


Increased employee satisfaction
The simplified procurement and comparison of offers reduce the work-load of employees and increases their work motivation.


Accelerate sourcing efficiency & speed
Our software facilitates a faster procurement process, empowering your team to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently.

0 Risk

Drive compliance and transparency
Elevate efficiency and accountability throughout a digital end-to-end process along the sourcing journey. Mitigate your compliance risk down to 0.
Clients elevate value with streamlined demands and sourcing events

Free up time for strategic analysis

Effortless supplier proposal, information collection and auto-comparison: Simplify sourcing event launches based on event types and consolidate communications, activities, and amendments in a single unified platform. Analyze bids effortlessly with automated apples to apples comparison and receive intelligent recommendations to ensure you secure the best value.

Shift focus to strategic decisions, not data collection: Say farewell to tedious supplier bid data collection and aggregation as our solution takes care of it. With automated bid processing and insightful reports, redirect your focus towards analyzing options and making informed selections. Spend more time on what matters—the analysis that drives optimal outcomes.

Accelerate demand to award

Discover the perfect award in no time: 
Our state-of-the-art sourcing funnel and supplier response evaluation provides in-depth insights into invitation management, price comparisons, and granting instant visibility into the strengths of supplier proposals. With the aid of artificial intelligence, explore multiple comparison scenarios, enabling you to unearth savings and gain a competitive advantage due to accelerated speed and insights.

Empower informed decision-making and seize the moment: Make assessments and take decisive actions in no time, fueled by crystal-clear information. Gain valuable insights into unexplored scenarios and unlock new strategic options for buyers. Our solution enables you towards a seamless collaboration with stakeholders as well as suppliers along the sourcing journey. Simplify communication and achieve productive partnerships for outstanding results. With our solution, you will possess the tools to make well-informed decisions that drive success and propel your organization forward.

Overview and delegate your sourcing pipeline

Seamless sourcing delegation and policy enforcement: Effortlessly automate sourcing processes and procurement rules for your buyers and delegate low value demands to your business owners. Flexible and intuitive sourcing processes enable them to source autonomously, while ensuring compliance with the state of the art no-code rule and approval builder of Mercanis. Moreover, business owners are guided users with clear and concise next steps. Hence you gain valuable time and foresight for your category buyers, empowering them to strategize and allocate resources effectively.

Enhanced visibility and global transparency: Efficiently gather sourcing requests, assign the ideal resources, and diligently track sourcing event and projects from initiation to completion across, categories, countries and business units. By leveraging synergies and best practices across your sourcing teams, you'll significantly reduce ownership costs while simultaneously boosting productivity. Streamline your operations and unlock the true potential of your sourcing team. 

Expand your reach with strategic sourcing

Maximising reporting & saving tracking
Time savings through automation
Cost savings due to scenario comparison
Full transparency & collaboration

"The simplicity of Mercanis has enabled us to integrate our stakeholders into the tendering process by using the platform as a self-service solution for smaller tendering projects. It further has allowed us to take the procurement function in a more strategic direction without adding complexity for category experts."

Sven Novak, Director Global Indirect Procurement at Amer Sports Corporation
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“The Mercanis software saves my team about as much time (38-41%) as a full-time employee with 5 years of industry experience. In addition, procurement has  become simple and can now be done by anyone.”

Paul Ruks, Strategic Buyer at weinor
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“Mercanis promotes synergies between several plants in different regions of the world. Through its intuitiveness, ease of use and quick set-up, Mercanis was rolled out across multiple sites within 2 months."

Erik Esly, Director of Procurement Europe at Linde

“Mercanis is the competent and flexible partner we wanted for the digitalisation of our procurement processes. Accompanied by a fast and reliable customer success team, we were able to automate our sourcing processes and administrative tasks, such as internal supplier rating.”

Marcel Schröder, Head of Strategic Purchasing Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
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