Streamline supplier relationships and benefit from smooth collaboration

Replace unmanageable forms and unsorted file repositories. From now on, you manage all supplier information and agreements together in one profile with your suppliers and colleagues.

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Improved supplier satisfaction
Improve collaboration with suppliers by providing data-driven feedback, creating transparency as well as trust.


Drive innovation like never before
Promote innovation together with your suppliers and strengthen the relationship.


Transparency of supplier data
Create transparency across all suppliers worldwide with the 360° supplier profiles. Keep an overview of everything at all times.


Take supplier relationships to the next level
Accelerate supplier onboarding and qualification by 3.3x with intuitive tools so that you can focus on strategic relationships.
Customers  value with our intuitive supplier management

Supercharge your supplier relationships with innovative insights and intuitive workflows. Harness the power of AI-driven predictions to manage risks and uncover new growth opportunities. Experience the future of supplier relationship management with our cutting-edge, cloud-based software. Drive efficiency, maximize collaboration, and erschließen Sie untapped value with your suppliers! 

Unleash the power of full supplier transparency

Embrace the 360° view on suppliers through digital supplier profiles: Unleash the true potential of your supplier relationships with our interactive dashboards, offering a comprehensive overview of supplier activities, capabilities and risks in standardized formats. All the information you need, centralized at your fingertips, enabling swift and effective decision-making enriched by valuable third-party data. 

Ignite Informed action: Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace data-driven decisions presented in a meaningful way. Proactively manage issues across the entire supplier lifecycle, allowing ample time for course correction or a supplier improvement program. Take control of your supplier journey and unlock new realms of success!

Enable your suppliers to become true partners

Intelligent supplier onboarding and management: Seamlessly adapt to category-specific supplier requirements with flexible onboarding rules. Effortlessly manage diverse assessment factors such as sustainability, quality, and risk. Leverage customizable and intuitive onboarding forms while also enabling your suppliers to fill out onboarding and qualification requirements with ease. 

Simplify data processes with supplier managed profiles: Break free from laborious supplier data collection. Let suppliers easily manage their profiles with their respective information, while benefiting from trusted third-party sources. Embrace intuitive supplier onboarding that avoids overwhelming requests, place focus on what truly matters and embark on a seamless journey to supplier excellence. Streamline your operations and empower supplier relationships like never before!

Accelerated pace of innovation

Unleash supplier potential: Amplify supplier value by discovering a 360° view on all capabilities and skills of your respective suppliers beyond your categories. Cultivate a culture of innovation by encouraging suppliers to push their boundaries. Leverage AI-recommended actions to enhance supplier capability identification. Engage stakeholders with traceable actions and measured KPIs, driving transformative outcomes.

Elevate supplier relationships:
Cultivate collaborative partnerships with your suppliers, igniting stronger and more strategic alliances. Unlock untapped value through intuitive processes and products, paving the way for innovation. Embark on a journey of re-discovering your supply base and benefit from AI-based suggestions.

Seamless risk monitoring and mitigation

Stay one step ahead through anticipating and mitigating risk: Let supplier assessments automatically signal potential risks concerning country and industry aspects according to the German LKsG. Scorecards offer valuable insights into their risk parameters. Seamlessly manage KPIs, documents, and data to ensure secure compliance tracking, enabling early intervention with your suppliers.

Preempt risk scenarios: 
Spot potential issues at their inception and concentrate efforts on suppliers with the most significant impact on your operations. Reduce volatility and shield your business from unnecessary risks, while implementing traceable measures in order to safeguard your alerted suppliers. Stay ahead of the game with proactive risk management!

Driving supplier excellence

Customizable supplier scorecards: We equip procurement teams with powerful customizable supplier scorecards. You can not only tailor them depending on your category, industry or any other aspect, but also according to your individual weighted parameters. We provide the foundation for your enhanced supplier performance.

Actionable insights:
Gain deep visibility into supplier performance with advanced scoring and customizable dashboards. Leverage detailed reports to track qualitative and quantitative feedback and identify areas for improvement. Our software empowers you to make data-driven decisions that elevate supplier performance to new heights. 

Streamlined collaboration:
Foster stronger supplier relationships through seamless communication and collaboration. By promoting transparent and open feedback, we enable you to align objectives, drive innovation, and achieve shared goals with your suppliers.

Experience a transformative software solution that streamlines your global supply base, empowering seamless collaboration and elevating your supplier relationships to new heights.

Gain limitless visibility into your supply base and build longterm relationships

Global supplier data like beyond categories
Custom scorecards to drive supplier performance
Easy, intuitive and automated onboarding
All supplier data in one single point of truth

"The simplicity of Mercanis has enabled us to integrate our stakeholders into the tendering process by using the platform as a self-service solution for smaller tendering projects. It further has allowed us to take the procurement function in a more strategic direction without adding complexity for category experts."

Sven Novak, Director Global Indirect Procurement at Amer Sports Corporation
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“The Mercanis software saves my team about as much time (38-41%) as a full-time employee with 5 years of industry experience. In addition, procurement has  become simple and can now be done by anyone.”

Paul Ruks, Strategic Buyer at weinor
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“Mercanis promotes synergies between several plants in different regions of the world. Through its intuitiveness, ease of use and quick set-up, Mercanis was rolled out across multiple sites within 2 months."

Erik Esly, Director of Procurement Europe at Linde

“Mercanis is the competent and flexible partner we wanted for the digitalisation of our procurement processes. Accompanied by a fast and reliable customer success team, we were able to automate our sourcing processes and administrative tasks, such as internal supplier rating.”

Marcel Schröder, Head of Strategic Purchasing Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
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