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“Addressing global crises with digital agility and a resilient solution”
Weinor's procurement department had been in search of a procurement software for quite some time, as their reliance on manually maintained RFP/RFQ templates, extensive email communication, and Excel usage with suppliers and colleagues was proving to be laborious.

To enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and improve reporting, the company aimed to establish a robust data infrastructure. Our objective was to minimize manual effort and implement a scalable solution that could accommodate the company's future growth.
Upon reaching out to Mercanis, the implementation process was remarkably swift and seamless. Within a mere four weeks of initial contact and only two weeks after providing the required data, Mercanis successfully implemented digital procurement. The speed at which they digitized our strategic procurement processes impressed us, all without overburdening our IT resources. Undoubtedly, Mercanis' procurement software has become an indispensable tool for our buying team.
Fast implementation without requiring internal IT resources
1 single point of truth
The platform's evaluations have significantly reduced complexity and relieved our team from the burden of manual evaluations, allowing us to focus on strategic purchasing decisions. Particularly noteworthy is the rapid access to insights into material changes, empowering us to approach supplier discussions fully prepared. The transparent overview of our procurement activities now showcases potential savings and price outliers, enabling us to take targeted actions and set clear priorities.
“The Mercanis software saves my team about as much time (38-41%) as a full-time employee with 5 years of industry experience. In addition, procurement has become simple and can now be done by anyone.”
Paul Ruks, Strategic Buyer at weinor
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