The new way
of sourcing services

A streamlined, modern experience that enables you to source and implement services at the speed of business.

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Energize collaboration
across the enterprise.

Mercanis facilitates productive in-platform communication so you can work in tandem with peers throughout the sourcing process, gain full alignment and approval from relevant stakeholders easily, and efficiently negotiate terms with suppliers.

The service procurement experience you have always wished for

Unify your entire supply base.

Promote an interdepartmental knowledge exchange thanks to company-wide supplier data lakes that your teams can easily access. An intuitive UX allows you to store and share your valuable supplier data in one single point of truth.

Accelerate your workflows with frictionless process automation.

Effectively consolidate and manage all complex sourcing processes and data in one place—from constructing a preferred provider panel, to granular scoping of Smart Briefs, to evaluating proposals, to completing projects, and analysing feedback.

Drive smarter engagement decisions
with effortless benchmarking.

Mercanis guides each selected supplier in creating a proposal that clearly defines the scope of work, key deliverables, and project cost. Upon submission, you can easily review the proposal and request revisions or additional information from the supplier.

Mercanis offers a concise comparison dashboard with relevant supplier data and insights. Your teams can quickly make informed, merit-based decisions and choose the suppliers best fit for your requirements.

Centralize your data, safe and secure.

We understand the importance of protecting confidential information. As a company that caters to large enterprises and highly regulated industries, we have diligently matured and improved our security program as an integral part of the process since day one.

Integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows.

Whether as a standalone solution or fully integrated into your IT ecosystem, the Mercanis architecture allows for a secure and customizable integration into your procurement landscape.

What experts say

Driving savings through automation and process efficiency

"In my opinion, the procurement industry has only perceived a fraction of its digitization potential at this point in time. Yet automation and process efficiency in procurement can lead to significant savings and increased profits."

Dr. Marcell Vollmer
Partner BCG, former COO Ariba & CPO SAP

Lack of digitization within the procurement of services

"After spending more than three decades as senior executive in procurement and supply chain for major corporations I clearly have to say that the lack of digitization within the procurement of services is one of the biggest shortcomings to leverage substantial additional savings."

Dr. Ulrich Piepel
Senior Advisor Ariba & BCG, former CPO RWE

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